African Mango Program

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The African Mango Program is proven in helping to burn stored body fats, accelerate metabolism, suppress the appetite and help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Studies indicate the African Mango Program is completely safe with it's powerful and unique fat fighting properties.

The African Mango Program is the world's first and only program to combine the unique benefits of African Mango/Irvingia Gabonensis, Cissus Quadrangularis and Plantago Ovata/ Psyllium Husk.

Along with a healthy eating plan and exercise, this triple action powerful fat burning combination allows you to enjoy fast-acting and effective results with one of the most powerful yet safe all-natural diet programs ever formulated!

An exercise plan and many wonderful low fat recipes are contained in the African Mango Program pack.

While the African Mango Program is considered the cutting edge technology in the industry, the program is quickly becoming one of the most popular diet products on the market. The best part is that studies have also indicated that this program can be beneficial for overall health by lowering and balancing cholesterol levels and helping maintain blood sugar levels.

By all indications, the African Mango Program should be considered the breakthrough diet product on the market that can safely and effectively produce significant results on reducing body fat.



The African Mango Program involves:

1. Drinking the specially formulated drink, based on numerous scientific studies.

2. A recommended exercise program

3. A healthy eating plan.

Although all case studies show remarkable results without altering any diet changes, to obtain the maximum benefits of the African Mango Program, we recommend that you follow the simple exercise program and eating plan.

Unlike many other programs, there are no 'dodgy free trials', memberships or ongoing fees.


The African Mango Program has the benefits of what a real program should have. It is an all-natural program and 100% safe for healthy adults to aid with decrease body weight, fat burning, high cholesterol and high blood sugar levels.

* Amazing loss of body fat properties
* Suppresses the appetite - Stimulant free
* Management of cholesterol levels and blood pressure
* Increases daily fibre/supports daily fibre requirements
* Helps reduce fat in conjunction with a diet and exercise program
* Multi-dimensional management of obesity and weight related complications
* Maintain healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individual
* Helps increase metabolic rate
* Delays stomach emptying to help you stay fuller longer
* Helps with absorption of dietary sugars.
* Easy food choices


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