Agarol Vanilla 500ml

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Agarol is an effective, gentle, pleasant tasting laxative. It provides relief from constipation and promotes regularity


Each 15 ml contains

* Paraffin Liquid 4.83ml
*Contains as preservatives Benzoic Acid 7.5 mg
* Sorbic Acid 7.5 mg
* Also contains Saccharin Sodium and Anhydrous sodium sulphite


Adults and children over 6 years: 15 ml to 30 ml.
Children 3-6 years 10 ml to 15 ml.To be taken at bedtime with plenty of water.


To avoid possible loss of food and vitamins, do not use other than at bedtime, except on medical advice. Prolonged use without medical advice is undesirable. If symptoms persist consult a doctor.


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