Avent Breastmilk Storage Cups 180ml X 10

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VIA Cups are sturdy, stackable and easy to label - ideal for storage of breast-milk and babyfood in fridge or freezer. Use sterile-packed VIA Cups straight from the pack. They can be re-sterilised up to four times. Then dispose/recycle.
To express breastmilk, use the VIA Adaptors to attach VIA Cups to your AVENT ISIS pump. Attach AVENT Anti-colic Teats for feeding (pump and teats not included). Serve babyfood straight from VIA Cups.
VIA Lids and Adaptors are for permanent use. Sterilise before use
Includes 10 Sterile-packed 180 ml VIA Cups, 10 VIA Lids, 2 VIA Adaptors, 2 Sealing Clips


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