Blue Healer Adjustable Ice Compression Bandage (Regular)

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The Blue Healer Hot/Cold Ice Compression Bandages are designed to assist people in application and pain management. They are suitable for the relief of pain from all soft tissue injuries and the control of minor cuts, abrasions and bleeding.

The Compression Bandage consists of a durable reusable Hot/Cold Ice Pack sealed in sections for even Hot/Cold therapy distribution. The pack fits snuggly into a washable, soft 100% cotton pouch fitted with adjustable straps.

When the Compression Bandage is applied one of the immediate visible advantages is the 'HANDS FREE' benefits, allowing manoeuverability for the user to go about their daily activities unhindered. The 100% cotton cover pouch gently insulates the temperature of the Hot/Cold therapy being applied directly to the skin. With the stretch in the material you can easily achieve the desired compression required to the injury site delivering a firm, safe and soothing therapy.

Blue Healer Hot/Cold Ice Compression Bandages are manufactured using high quality non-toxic thermal gel and food grade laminated nylon bags for extra strength providing exceptional high quality.

Our Regular and Large size Hot/Cold Ice Compression Bandages offer our customers the perfect choice in sizes to comfortably attach to any part of the body from head to toe.

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