Cinta Colour Highlight Shampoo Auburn 250ml

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Keep your colour fresh with Cinta Colour Shampoos

At Cinta we use a unique dye in our colour shampoos, so the colour builds with frequency of use. Either apply to dry hair for an instant, intense colour change or use like regular shampoo in the shower to add colour gradually. It's that easy.

Cinta colour shampoos will add to your natural highlights and leave your hair feeling soft with a deep rich shine. Perfect for preventing colour fade and delaying expensive salon visits or using messy home colouring kits.

Cinta acts as colour top up between these treatments and with no ammonia or peroxide is gentle on the hair while colouring effectively. So effective in fact you may use Cinta as your sole coluring treatment.

Cinta will also blend up to 25% grey hair so perfect for that salt-n-pepper look. There's nothing easier to blend a few greys away particularly for men as its a no fuss shampoo in the shower.

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