Co-Phenylcaine Forte Spray 50ml

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Co-Phenylcaine Forte Spray is a multiple use aqueous based anaesthetic spray which is extremely effective on mucous membranes.
The product is dispensed using a multi-dose pump which accurately dispenses 100 micro litres with each actuation. The positive displacement pump ensures no 'suck back', eliminating the risk of cross contamination.
Full anaesthesia can easily be identified by the blanching (turns white) of the mucous membranes.
The formulation of Co-Phenylcaine Forte also includes a vasoconstrictor enabling:
• effective topical analgesia for extended periods
• improved access for instrumentation as the swollen mucosa 'shrinks'
• cessation of topical bleeding
• Preparation of nasal mucosa for surgery or endoscopy e.g. Cautery to Little's area
• Aid the treatment of acute nose bleeds and removal of foreign bodies from the nose
• Topical anaesthesia of the pharynx prior to direct or indirect laryngoscopy
• Topical anaesthesia prior to endoscopy of the upper airways


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