Dr LeWinn's Private Formula Hand & Nail Cream 100g

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DESCRIPTION: An exclusive protective barrier cream that works like an invisible glove!
* Provides daily vital nourishment to hands and nails.
* Ideal for use after hands have been immersed in water or exposed to harsh detergents and chemicals.
* Rich in pure Aloe Vera and Multi-Vitamins to promote natural healing.
* Protective moisture barriers provide instant hydration and deep nourishing
* Absorbs into hands and nails quickly
* Ideal for conditioning and nurturing nails, promotes stronger, healthier nails, assists to eliminate chipping and brittleness
USAGE: Apply daily after washing hands. Massage liberally into hands, nails and around cuticles for best results. As a barrier cream, apply before exposure to water, detergents and chemicals.
LASTS: approximately 4 months.

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