Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pad (Small) X 2 Pads

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Elastoplast Therapeutic Heat Pad heats up to a comfortable temperature to effectively relieve pain and relax tight and cramped muscles.
Its air activated heat delivery system provides deeply penetrating, soothing heat for 8 hours. The heat pad is covered by a soft, skin friendly material and contains natural heating ingredients (i.e iron, charcoal) that react with the oxygen in the air to provide warmth. The flexible pad can be applied directly at the source of muscular pain. It adheres well to the skin and can be easily removed.
- Product and packaging are latex free
- Not re-usable
- Store at room temperature
- Keep out of reach of children
• Relaxes tight and cramped muscles.
• Delivers 8 hours of long-lasting, constant external heat.
• Warms to a very pleasant acceptable heat level for the skin.
• Odourless and discreet.


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