Fess Frequent Flyer Nasal Spray 30ml

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Dry aircraft cabin air may dehydrate the essential moisture in your nasal passages, reducing the ability to protect your respiratory system. FESS Frequent Flyer Nasal Spray restores this with a gentle saline solution, moisturises with hint of tea tree oil, so whenever you fly, give your nose the first class treatment.

• The FESS® range of products are approved by the Sensitive Choice® program of the National Asthma Council Australia and the Asthma Foundation of New Zealand.
To continue the first class treatments try Frequent Flyer Health Boost.

• Non- medicated
• Helps relieve nasal and sinus congestion due to low humidity, dry environments
• Solution keeps your nasal passages moist and helps wash away bacteria and pollutants
• It can be used as often as required without any side effects

• Stimulates the nose's natural defence mechanism
• Washes away airborne bacteria and pollutants
• Relieves nasal congestion and improves breathing
• Clears and soothes dry nasal passages
• Naturally thins mucus, so it flows away more easily

Available in 30mL

Active Ingredients
Sodium Chloride 9mg/mL

• 2-3 sprays in each nostril before boarding the plane
• Every two hours during the flight
• At your final destination

• Try FESS Little Noses or Children's FESS

Do not use if the neck seal is broken
This bottle must only be used by one person
Sharing may spread infection
If congestion persists, see your doctor

Store below 30°C.


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