Gillette Venus Embrace Cartridges X 4

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the smoothness of 5 blades

*For dramatically smooth skin. 5 blades surrounded by a ribbon of moisture hug each and every curve. Embrace cartridges fit all Venus handles.
*TAKE SMOOTHNESS TO A WHOLE NEW LEVEL! Now it's easy to get virtually every hair - it's all about 5 blades induvidually hug to each and every curve. You won't believe the smoothness.
*A NEW RIBBON OF MOISTURE NOW THATS SMOOTH! A protective ribbon of moisture surrounds the blades for an effortless glide. You'll love the way it feels!
*GET COMFY WITH A NEW GRIP! A new soft gel material surrounds the entire handle making it easy to hold onto.
*A NEW SHOWER POD MAKES STORAGE A CINCH! A new shower pod with suction cups stores your refills in the shower, right where you need them.


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