Hydrodol Cap X 8

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Hydrodol - hydrate while drinking alcohol.


After much consultation and development we have specially formulated Hydrodol to help hydrate you while drinking alcohol. Hydrodol, a mix of 16 amino acids, 6 vitamins, 2 minerals, an antioxidant and sugars is a remarkable and innovative product which has captured the hearts of many Australian drinkers.

Developed right here in Australia, Hydrodol is your essential accessory for any night out!

What is Hydrodol?

Hydrodol is a remarkably effective supplement which balances the amino acids affected by alcohol. It can be taken while drinking to balance the amino acids during the act of consumption or it can be taken the morning-after drinking to help restore the amino acid levels that the alcohol has removed from the body's system.

Hydrodol is a combination of amino acids, sugars, minerals and vitamins which simply replace those compounds depleted from the body when alcohol is consumed.

Dosage instructions: For best results take 4 capsules while drinking alcohol. Alternatively take 4 capsules the morning after drinking.


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