Infacol Wind Drops 30ml

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Infacol wind drops is an effective method of treating wind in babies and infants.
How do babies get wind?
Babies get wind by swallowing tiny air bubbles with their milk, which become trapped, causing pressure and discomfort in the stomach. Infacol relieves infant wind before painful colic can occur.
Active Ingredient:
Each 1ml contains 100 mg of simethicone.
It is the active ingredient in Infacol, which causes the small bubbles of gas in the baby's stomach to join together. This forms a larger bubble that can be easily expelled.
Infacol Wind Drops is sugar free and does not contain any antacids likely to upset baby's delicate stomach.
1 month to 2yrs: 0.2ml added to bottle or directly into the baby's mouth before breast-feeding. After feeding, wind infant normally. Ask your Pharmacist or Doctor for advice before using this product for the first time in infants under 6 months.
Over 2 years: 0.4ml given four times daily (after meals and at bedtime). Do not exceed 12 doses per day. Should no relief be obtained, consult your Doctor.


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