Lanate Body Cream 150g

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As we age, our skin shows some of the most obvious signs of the process. Dryness, laxity, fine wrinkles and some atrophy may be the first noticeble effects. Compounding these effects with UV exposure can increase the level of change - with increasing roughness, course wrinkling and pigmentation changes.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) have been widely used for photo-damaged skin. These compounds can increase epidermal and dermal firmness, promote a smoother appearance and lessen obvious signs of wrinkles and lines.

Lanate is formulated to contain 17.5% ammonium lactate which delivers around 15% lactic acid to the skin. It revitalizes the appearance of dry, scaly skin and through its humectant effect helps moisturise the skin, making skin feel and look smoother.

Lanate Face and Body have been developed with this in mind. AHA creams can improve the appearance and feel of problem dry skin conditions.


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