NeoStrata Renewal Cream 30g

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•    Visibly reduces fine lines and wrinkles
•    Improves sun damage and evens pigmentation on the face, hands and chest
•    Recommended for adult skin types
•    May be used by those with dry or oily skin

NeoStrata Renewal Cream is clinically proven to improve skin clarity.

Percentage of the participants that had improvement in 12 weeks:
•    100% of the participants had improved skin clarity
•    100% had improvement in the appearance of wrinkles
•    100% had improvement in the appearance of fine lines
•    100% had improvement in skin laxity/resiliency/elasticity
•    100% had improvement in mottled pigmentation/more even skin tone
•    100% had improvement/reduction in pore size / smaller pores
•    100% had improved skin roughness/ smoother skin
•    100% had improvement in sallowness / improved skin health

Gluconolactone 12%
Vitamin A &E


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