NicoBloc Liquid 30ml

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Helps reduce and overcome smoking at your own pace

Does Not Contain Nicotine

Reduces up to 99% of tar and nicotine intake

100% Food grade formula
NicoBloc is made from approved food grade ingredients and is not subject to medical licensing.

Smoker Friendly
Use with your usual brand of cigarette. NicoBloc has been developed so that there are minimal changes to the taste and smoking experience.

Easy To Use
Apply one, two or three drops of NicoBloc to cigarette filter as required to reduce up to 99% of harmful tar and nicotine.

Each NicoBloc pack contains NicoBloc Fluid (FDA food grade formulation: Corn Syrup, Water, Citric Acid, permitted Preservative and Colouring), instruction booklet, CD-Rom animated version of booklet, Nicotine Test voucher.

NicoBloc is a unique and innovative approach that helps you to stop smoking, at your own pace.

NicoBloc is the result of more than ten years' research and development.

NicoBloc fluid is made from 100% approved food grade ingredients and does not contain nicotine or any other drug.

One drop of NicoBloc fluid will block the intake of up to 33% of tar and nicotine without significantly changing the taste or smoking experience. Three drops blocks up to 99%. There are approximately 700 drops per bottle and should last a typical 20-a-day about two weeks.

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