Phisohex Face Wash 200ml

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Assists in the removal of bacteria which can cause skin problems, while maintaining your skin's normal pH balance. Aids in the treatment of acne & pimples without drying the skin Helps remove dirt and oil from blocked pores.

Ingredients 1% w/v Tricolsam (10mg/mL) Sodium Benzoate 5mg/mL Benzyl Alcohol 5mg/mL

Instructions Directions:
Use 3 times daily Wash hands thoroughly with Phisohex Face Wash. Wet face.

Apply enough Phisohex Face Wash into palm to cover a 20c coin. Gently massage over the face, concentrating on problem areas and avoiding eye areas. Rinse and repeat. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a clean towel.

People with sensitive skin should try Phisohex Face Wash on a small area of the face first before using on whole face.
Discontinue use if irritation develops. Store below 30oC.
For external use only.
Not to be used on infants except under medical direction. Avoid contact with eyes.

If Phisohex enters eyes, rinse immediately with water.


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