Sensodyne Toothpaste Total Care Freshmint 110g

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* Specially formulated for every day use
* Protects against sensitivity
* Fights cavities and plaque
* Fights gum problems
* Strengthens tooth enamel
* Antibacterial protection
* Fluoride protection
* Fresh minty flavour

Barrier against pain:
Sensodyne Total Care is the only toothpaste you need for your sensitive teeth. Its action creates a barrier against pain.

Fights gum problems:
Sensodyne Total Care is the only sensitive toothpaste that contains an antibacterial ingredient, which helps kill the bacteria and reduce the plaque that cause early gum problems?. gum problems are a common cause of sensitivity..

Active ingredients:
* Sodium Fluoride - to prevent cavities
* Triclosan - to prevent gum disease
* Potassium Nitrate - to stop pain & its return

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