What is an Electronic Prescription?

Electronic prescriptions are being rolled out across Australia as part of a transition from traditional paper scripts to a more modern digital version. Instead of issuing you with your usual paper prescription your healthcare professional will send you (usually via email or sms) an ‘electronically generated prescription’ in the form of a QR code token. This QR code stores all the information from your script and can then be used in the same way as a traditional paper prescription to dispense medication from Pharmacy Online.

How Do I Use Electronic Prescriptions?

STEP 1. Obtain your electronic prescription from your healthcare provider.
STEP 2. Navigate to www.pharmacyonline.com.au and search for your prescription medication
STEP 3. Checkout and pay for your prescription
STEP 4. Email a copy of your electronic prescription to help@pharmacyonline.com.au
STEP 5. Pharmacy Online will dispense your medication within 1–2 business days and have it delivered to you.

Can I Send a Photo of My Script?

Yes, you can email an attached image of your electronic prescription (QR Code) but not traditional paper prescriptions. For paper prescriptions we still require a physical copy to be posted in to: Pharmacy Online, 99 Spring St Bondi Junction NSW 2022

Do All Healthcare Professionals issue Electronic Prescriptions?

No, while this is relatively new technology it is still currently being adopted by the healthcare community. Please speak to your healthcare professional to see if they offer electronic prescriptions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do repeats work?

When your prescription contains repeats Pharmacy Online will send you a new token for each repeat and the process restarts again.

How secure are Electronic Prescriptions?

We take your privacy and security seriously. Your prescription is encrypted which means the information contained inside is protected and cannot be accessed by third parties.

Does each medicine get its own Token?

Each individual medication you are prescribed will have its own token. If you are prescribed multiple medications then you will have to make sure that all the relevant tokens are sent to us.

How many times can a Token be used?

Each token can only be used once to dispense a single medication. You will receive a unique token for each medication and repeat.