Kenkay Skin Relief Sorbolene Cream with Vitamin E 325ml

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What is
Kenkay Sorbolene Cream is a highly effective moisturising cream made from natural palm based glycerin, purified water, non-ionic emulsifiers and skin protecting oils. It's main function is as a moisturiser and a carrier base, but due to it's gentle non-drying and cleansing properties, versatile Sorbolene can also be used as a soap replacement for those with skin sensitive to soap.

Why Choose Sorbolene?
Moisture is the aspect of skin care the keeps it soft, smooth and supple. Every day exposure to the elements can lead to drying of the skin. To reduce the risk of premature aging we need to use a moisturiser to hold in the skin's natural moisture. Sorbolene forms a protective film over the skin's surface which acts to slow down moisture loss and create a barrier against environmental factors that cause drying and irritation. Kenkay Sorbolene is suitable for all skin types and is also an excellent cleanser alternative for people who are sensitive to soap based products which can strip the natural oils from the skin. Effective Kenkay Sorbolene can be used everyday to maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

Why Kenkay?
As with all Kenkay products, Sorbolene is manufactured from the purest pharmaceutical grade ingredients under the same criteria used to manufacture medicinal products. All batches are tested for compliance to strict quality standards prior to release for sale. Professionally prescribed Kenkay Sorbolene has been specially formulated by pharmacists to provide long lasting protection against the drying effects of environmental factors (e.g. exposure to sun, wind, air conditioning etc). The Kenkay range has a selection of natural active ingredients to suit individual needs. These include palm based Glycerin, Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Vera, Evening Primrose Oil, Lavender Oil, Vitamin E, Collagen and Elastin. As they do not contain added colours or fragrances they are safe for use on even the most sensitive skin types. Kenkay offer one of the widest ranges of Sorbolene and Sorbolene Based Products on the market - no matter what your skin type, there's a Sorbolene product to accommodate you.

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