Ear Clear Ear Wax Remover 12ml

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Carbamide peroxide 65 mg per mL in anhydrous glycerin. Packaged in 12 mL glass bottle with integrated dropper bottle.

The purpose of ear wax (cerumen) is to protect the ear. When the natural removal of ear wax is hampered, ear wax may become compacted into a hard mass. This may be due to a narrowed ear canal, a large amount of hair within the canal or simply overproduction of wax. Wax build up is also more common in the elderly. The symptoms of impacted ear wax are loss of hearing, pain and dizziness.

Excessive or impacted ear wax may be treated either by a doctor syringing the ear or by the use of ear drops which assist in the softening and removal of ear wax.

Ear Clear for Ear Wax Removal contains carbamide peroxide and glycerin. Carbamide peroxide acts by effervescing on contact with the ear canal thus loosening the ear wax. It therefore not only softens hardened ear wax but then goes on to help it fragment and disperse, thus reducing the need for syringing. In addition it is an effective antiseptic agent thus reducing the likelihood of a bacterial infection developing. Carbamide peroxide 6.5% in anhydrous glycerin has been evaluated by the FDA and found to be safe and effective.


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