Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate) 375g

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Epsom salts contain magnesium and sulfate, two minerals, which are essential for optimum health. Many of us may have levels that are below those recommended by health experts. Magnesium is necessary for more than 300 biochemical reactions in the body, including calcium absorption, heart health, regulating blood sugar levels, nerve function, muscle contraction and protein production within the body. Sulfate is necessary for healthy brain tissue, mucin protein and flushing out toxins.

When you soak in bath infused with two cups of Epsom salts, your body absorbs the magnesium and sulfate.

There are so many benefits to soaking in this mineral brine because it can:

* Ease muscle aches and pains
* Reduce inflammation (great for sprains)
* Remove splinters
* Detoxify your body
* Increase your levels of magnesium and sulfate


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