NS-21 Skin Repair Treatment 100g

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NS-21 Skin Repair Treatment

NS-21 Skin Repair Treatment assists in the natural process of the body's skin renewal, resulting in natural healthy looking skin. It gives relief from flaking and very dry skin by its conditioning and deep moisturising properties.

NS-21 creates an optimal moisture balance and environment for very dry, compromised, sensitive or problem skin.

Suitable for: Very dry, ageing or problem skin. NS-21 is suitable for use on the face, hands or body and all skin types from babies through to mature adults.

NS-21's Natural Difference:
* Natural Moisturisers: Urea, Aloe Vera & Soy Protein
* Natural Cell Revitalisers: Vitamins C, E & B5, Zinc & Essential Oils
* Natural Conditioners: Allantoin, Honey & B-glucan of yeast
* Natural Fatty Acids: Emu, Avocado & Rose Hip Oils

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