Regaine (Rogaine) Men Extra Strength Solution 5% 60ml (1 month supply)

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REGAINE® Extra Strength contains the only clinically proven topical ingredient in australia to treat hereditary hair loss.

REGAINE® Extra Strength Topical Solution is clinically proven to regrow hair in men with hereditary hair loss and help reverse its progression.

It contains minoxidil, and, like REGAINE® Foam, it works to enlarge shrunken follicles (increasing their size). This allows for normal healthy hair to develop over time.

To get the most out of REGAINE® Extra Strength Solution, it's important to apply directly to your scalp—twice a day, every day.

The Number 1 pharmacy brand for treatment of hereditary hair loss in Australia*.

*Aztec Scan data by sales value, Oct 2011.


REGAINE® is the first available clinically proven treatment for hereditary hair loss in Australia.

> It helps reverse the progression of hereditary hair loss, and with revolutionary Men's REGAINE® Foam (the only proven hair regrowth foam), REGAINE® continues to lead the way in topical products for regrowing hair.

> In clinical testing, 9 out of 10 men kept or regrew their hair after they used REGAINE® Foam twice daily over 16 weeks*.

> REGAINE® foam is quick and easy to apply. Plus it dries in no time at all so it will fit easily into your daily routine.


> REGAINE® is the first available clinically proven treatment for hereditary hair loss in both men and women since 1988 worldwide and in Australia since 1992.

> Over these years, REGAINE® has empowered millions of people to take control of their hair loss. It is the number one pharmacy brand for hereditary hair loss in topical treatment†.

* Olsen EA et al. J Am Acad Dermatol 2007; 57; 767-774

† Aztec Scandata Oct 2011.


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